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  • SERP focuses its attention where the majority of the country’s children are being educated: in the nation’s public school systems. Rather than finding work-around solutions, SERP is committed to understanding and tackling the weakness of public education at its core.
  • SERP designs innovative products in collaboration with some of the nation’s most accomplished researchers and makes them available to districts throughout the country (and the world) free of charge.
  • By working inside the school system and in partnership with practitioners, SERP products respond to the needs of those on the front line who must create the change.
  • SERP leverages the existing, outstanding talent in schools, universities, and other organizations for the common goal of creating a public education system worthy of a great nation.

Consider becoming a Word Generation sponsor.

SERP's most widely used open educational resource is Word Generation. The program offers 98 free units on important issues in order to help students in grades four through eight develop background knowledge, use precise language, and argue from evidence. You can help SERP keep this program free and current.

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1100 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 1310  |  Washington, DC  20036

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